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October 29, 2011
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fankids: Argentum and Solstice by EllyTheGee fankids: Argentum and Solstice by EllyTheGee

:la: :megaphone: TADAAAA !! :dummy:

You know some weeks ago I drew a concept sketch of children of Silver and Blaze ... and here it is :giggle: But to be honest it was pretty difficult to design this without knowing about whether someone else made a similar version xPP

:bulletred: I object hybrids because I'm always thinking of the results like "Hedgecat" or "Cathog" or "whatever this creature is supposed to be..." I HAVE THE RIGHT TO GIVE MY OPINION!! DEAL WITH IT! ...nuff said.

The "Silvaze" Fankids I want to introduce are Argentum the Cat and Solstice the Hedgehog (...I like the names ... especially Solstice :love:)

:bulletgreen: Name: Argentum the Cat
:bulletgreen: Age: 15
:bulletgreen: Gender: male
:bulletgreen: Species: cat (biological name: Felis Silvestris Catus)
:bulletgreen: Relatives: Silver the Hedgehog (father), Blaze the Cat (mother)
:bulletgreen: Likes: when everything is okay
:bulletgreen: Dislikes: when his sister bothers him or even makes trouble
:bulletgreen: Special Abilities: Telekinetic, time travelling and time-manipulation

:bulletwhite: Argentum is the first child and the direct descendant of Silver the Hedgehog (even if Argentum is a cat). So it's sure that his character is similar with his father. Also he inherits most abilities like Telekinesis from Silver. He is able to move heavy objects without so much efforts and is able to control time. Still Argentum is a calm and quiet Mobian who doesn't like to be in the spotlight (unlike his sister Solstice). But he can be totally quick-tempered if something makes him in anger. And he wants to protect everything he likes. In some cases he's a bit too overprotective. Above all when Solstice is running into one trouble to another.

:bulletgreen: Name: Solstice the Hedgehog
:bulletgreen: Age: 10
:bulletgreen: Gender: female
:bulletgreen: Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog (biological name: Atelerix albiventris)
:bulletgreen: Relatives: Silver the Hedgehog (father), Blaze the Cat (mother)
:bulletgreen: Likes: collecting gemstones, ice cream, fruits and bothering her elder brother
:bulletgreen: Dislikes: troubles
:bulletgreen: Special Abilities: Flame control and some telekinetic abilities

:bulletpurple: Solstice is the second and younger sister of Argentum the Cat. Actually she's the third but two years after the birth of Argentum the second sibling died shortly after the birth. She's such a happy and energetic hedgehog and daddy's little girl.
...rightly. Just look at her ^^ She has the special charisma and beauty like her mother :aww:
In honor of the "Sol Emeralds" she got the name "Solstice". Like Blaze she can handle with flames and she have a few telekinetic abilities. As she's still young she have to learn how she can control her powerful techniques and this is why she always have some problems and runs into troubles.
She likes bothering her brother (even if Argentum doesn't really like that) but she knows that he doesn't take it serious. And Argentum knows that his younger sister just wants to support him. Another weakness is that Solstice is pretty naive by nature. She always thinks that everything will turn into good and she tries to give her best to keep everything good.

Argentum the Cat, Solstice the Hedgehog (C) ArtworkStudio Elly the Gecko
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Argentum means silver in Latin
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I have also created a silver and blaze son
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